Web Design, Custom Development, and Automations

A good design, responsive across devices, and an enjoyable user experience…

Retail and E-Commerce Design and Development

A well-designed retail platform can help narrate your brand towards your customers, and together we will work in building your dream store!

Learn more about our design ideas that will grow your business.

Brand and Corporate Designs 


As a business, your goal is to build a strong online presence and credibility and you can only achieve that by having an online platform with a robust user experience and interface that can deliver the message across. 

Web Application Development


As you grow you will face certain operational difficulties to get things done, don’t worry we are here to help you build your future web application to help you automate things and operate more efficiently.

UI/UX Concepts and Principles

Placing the user first is our priority and with our well-experienced designers, we make sure that every design that is being produced and built is focused to give our end users a robust and easy to understand web platform.

Workflow Management 


As a business, we always chase solutions to our problems, and with Battle & co we make sure that you know the problem first. Presenting a structured flow that narrates your business and identifies gaps is something that our workflow diagram can provide.

Responsive Design Across Multiple Platform


You are here because you want to get them all to visit your brand, and we have it for you. Our design rotates in the manner that we not only focus on one but all device platforms to provide the best user experience.

Why Choose Battle & Co.

We like it clean, simple, and a design with clarity & purpose.
We make sure our customers enjoy their online experience.
We make sure that things are easy for you and fully automated.

Our Development and Design Process


Understand and map your current business processes


Start of our design phase and build a framework of the entire design strategy


Once the design and workflow is approved we then start our Development stage and follow an AGILE Process


We stick to our schedule of delivery and prepare a well-written handover document of the project


Deployment of projects